Eazyro was born with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal: to offer people all the equipment they need for adventure and exploration and to make them affordable for all. So, there will be no excuses to go out and enjoy the world.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was painful. We realized that we work too much, we have too many responsibilities, we become too serious. We spend too much time with things that we should do” and sometimes forgot about what we would like to do”. Making time for pleasure and adventure became our priority.

We want to inspire people to take action, to give them a spirit of adventure and discovery and create a community of people that take every opportunity to get out of their comfort zone. 


To make it easy and affordable for everyone to go on adventures, enjoy free time and start exploring the world.


To be the worlds number one provider of the whole range of sustainable transportation and outdoor equipment.


Freedom. Courage. Passion. Enjoyment. Trust