We are passionate about micromobility and we always enjoy exploring new places. We believe that time is the most valuable thing we have. Unfortunately, we got used to waste the time we have. We got used to wait especially if we need to go somewhere.

Transportation was already revolutionised to help us arrive at our destination faster. But considering that it’s taking us longer and longer to arrive there, maybe it’s time we revolutionise transportation again.

In these uncertain times, we realized that micromobility devices are the best solution for the challenges the whole world has to face. They don’t just solve the issue of getting there fast, but they also manage to give us enough space and freedom to move around, while (re)discovering what the outside world has to offer. (Re)discovering how fun the journey can be.

This is the moment when our passion transformed into a bigger purpose
and made us be the change we want to see in the world.


Help you rediscover the joy of exploring what’s outside. Just like when you were a kid.

Our goal is to provide you a wide selection of tested, carefully selected and authorised products that already received positive feedback from customers all around the world. We strive to have a fair pricing policy so that the products are affordable to each of you, and to become your trustworthy partner prior, during and after the use of our products.

A world where you waiting isn’t the norm.

Transportation shouldn’t be about how much do you need to wait to get there. It should be about how fast you can get there safe.

Start rollin'