Functional Training Vs Crossfit - Which one to choose?

Functional Training Vs Crossfit - Which one to choose?

30th Sep 2021

One question that comes up frequently in the workout world is, “what is the difference between functional training and CrossFit?” They do have some similarities. Enough, in fact, to be confused sometimes. But there are considerable differences beyond a few strength training exercises.


The similarities start with the fact that both functional training and CrossFit focus on your overall fitness and increasing your strength. Also, both are typically led by a fitness coach or instructor and conducted in a group session. The coach leads participants through a specific series of steps. Both regimens rely on High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT), and anyone can participate at any fitness level. But that’s the whole list of similarities.

Functional Training

Functional training focuses on movements of muscle groups to improve your balance and strength to accomplish the activities of daily life. Programs are designed within limited times to target various muscle groups in your whole body. Generally, sessions last 30 to 45 minutes, with a complete series of exercises. These exercises help increase the strength of each muscle in your body to help improve your entire body’s performance.

Many people like the time-based approach instead of a repetition-based approach. You do the exercises for a certain period of time (not a number of reps) to incorporate the whole-body workout. The aim is to build muscles and balance to enhance your daily life. Many functional training exercises have you using your own body weight, which sometimes can be a real challenge. Since you are always being timed, the exercises are self-limiting. You only do the exercises until you feel your muscle fatigue. So naturally, many people prefer functional training because they feel it reduces the risk of injury. A chief difference between functional training and CrossFit is with functional training, you don’t use any equipment or weights.


CrossFit is relatively new on the exercise scene, with a couple of decades since its invention. Wildly popular, CrossFit is found in 162 countries worldwide. This workout regimen consists of weightlifting, gymnastics, and some timed events, so it is more competitive than functional training. Generally, CrossFit aims to build strength, increase and improve endurance, coordination speed, balance and flexibility. CrossFit is a more intense cardio workout, which proponents believe is necessary for increased endurance.

CrossFit combines aerobic exercise, gymnastics moves focused on balance and flexibility, and weightlifting to build muscle strength. Your CrossFit workout routine should change as your overall fitness level improves for better results and endurance. CrossFit tends to be more demanding and challenging than functional fitness training, especially early in the CrossFit programs. The training includes weightlifting routines to increase muscle strength beyond the beginning levels.

CrossFit incorporates a good deal of gym equipment and free weights like kettlebells. A kettlebell made of high-quality cast iron is a perfect addition to strength training. Working out with a kettlebell strengthens muscles, develops movement coordination and improves general performance. Their ergonomic shape with a carefully pre-shaped handle fits perfectly in your hand, guaranteeing safety during training. The flat bottom of the KZG HMS kettlebell here at, for example, ensures stable support. The wide range of weight variants available lets you adjust the weight to your needs.

Kettlebells are a gymnastic tool with a wide scope of application. Using a kettlebell makes it possible to do exercises that involve practically all muscle groups with multi-joint exercises. Activate those muscles that are often neglected during classical weight training!

In Summary

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