Rowing Machines Benefits - Home Gyms

Rowing Machines Benefits - Home Gyms

30th Sep 2021

Rowing machines are known as an incredible low-impact, aerobic workout for fat-burning and muscle-strengthening. So, it makes sense their popularity is growing. Once you know the benefits of rowing for just 30 minutes a day at home, you’ll want a Magnetic Rowing Machine, too!

In just 30 minutes, you can mobilize up to 86% of your body’s muscles for a true total body workout. Activate your abs, shoulders, back, chest, wrists, triceps, glutes, calf muscles and hamstrings all at once! This one-of-a-kind workout separates rowing machines from other exercise equipment as the ultimate in-home fitness.

Physical Benefits

Physically, top benefits include weight loss or maintenance, toning muscles, sleeping better, and reducing the risk of health conditions like stroke, heart disease and diabetes. But what most people rank at the top of their list is that in just 30 minutes, at home, you can have a true full-body workout. Because rowing exercises all your major muscle groups: arms, legs, back, abs, and buttocks, you can get your whole workout done in half an hour.

Your legs provide most of the rowing stroke power, and your upper body finishes the rest. And rowing is one of few aerobic activities that strengthen your back, too. Also, a rowing machine keeps your heart rate elevated, all while you build your core strength. Working on each muscle group separately takes at least 3 times longer and usually burns fewer calories. This tripling-up time-wise and the extra calories is one of the major reasons the rowing machines have become so incredibly popular for home gyms.

30 Minute Workouts at Home with the ZM1801 Magnetic Rowing Machine HMS

The ZM1801 HMS is a modern rowing machine designed to maximize training results for upper and lower body parts. Equipped with an 8-level inner magnetic resistance system, this rowing machine is made of the highest-quality materials to guarantee safe use. The heavy-duty steel frame and sturdy cables allow for long, intensive workouts and trouble-free operation for the long haul. Comfortable pedals provide excellent support for your feet as the ergonomic seat slides smoothly on the rail for a genuinely realistic rowing experience

The ZM1801 HMS rower is equipped with a multifunctional console to provide feedback on various workout parameters, like the number of strokes and the calories you have burned. A precise heart rate measurement is possible with a telemetry strap (sold separately). ZM1801 HMS rowing machine helps build strength and endurance through complex cardio workouts. It is also a perfect piece of equipment for strengthening and developing various muscle groups, like your back, arms, legs, abdomen, gluteal and lumbar muscles.

Rowing machine workouts significantly improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system, enhance fat loss and increase oxygen absorption.

Fat and Calorie Burning on At-Home Rowing Machines

Fat and calorie burning is a major reason to work out at home. And when it comes to burning fat and calories, a rowing machine is a great way to spend your time. It’s hard to find a safer way to burn calories faster than this! Regular exercise workouts on rowing machines burn calories and tone your muscles by engaging almost every muscle in your body. The stats say your time on a rowing machine burns between 400 and 1000 calories an hour, of course, depending on your weight and pace.

Cardiovascular and Strength Conditioning in One

With other exercise programs, you need to choose between cardio and strength training. This can make it hard when you take into account factors like time, energy, and motivation. A rowing machine at home is an ideal way to design your training program to improve your cardio fitness level and overall strength.

Aerobic Benefits of Rowing Machines

Any type of exercise requiring your body to use oxygen for your muscles to function is aerobic. Using a rowing machine helps aerobically because your body makes repetitive rowing motions. As you keep working out, your body can perform more strokes in the same amount of time when you are in better shape. This increases your heart rate, so you breathe more. The oxygen rushes to your muscles as they work. The aerobic benefits increase your lungs’ capability to send oxygen to your heart and the rest of your body. Also, this activity lowers your blood pressure and keeps your arteries clearer.

Anaerobic Benefits of Rowing Machines

Aerobic benefits are about the oxygen your muscles receive. The anaerobic benefits are about the resistance your muscles deal with as you row. The resistance robs oxygen from your muscles as they are pushed harder, so they get stronger over time. The harder your work out, the more you push yourself for more anaerobic benefits. But you’ll see aerobic benefits too.

Using a rowing machine at home is a two-for-one workout in just 30 minutes. You can combine the benefits of running and lifting. Test your muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance with a rowing machine from We recommend the ZM1801 HMS rowing machine for more efficient workouts in less time.