Yoga and Meditation - 9 Unbelievable Health Benefits

Yoga and Meditation - 9 Unbelievable Health Benefits

30th Sep 2021

The ancient practice of yoga offers health benefits for everyone. By incorporating breathing exercises, poses and meditation, yoga reduces stress and encourages relaxation, physically and mentally. Studies on yoga have found specific health benefits backed by science. People who practice yoga often list more benefits, but we’ll have to wait for the research to confirm those.

Yoga Decreases Stress

Yoga eases stress and promotes relaxation. Multiple studies show yoga decreases the secretion of the primary stress hormone, cortisol. Most people find that they have lower stress levels, less anxiety, fatigue and even feel less depressed. Generally, yoga helps improve your quality of life and balances your mental health.

Lower Anxiety Levels

Many people specifically practice yoga as a way to cope with anxious feelings. Many studies confirm that yoga works to lower anxiety levels, even for people who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. And it is not like you have to spend hours doing yoga, either. Just a couple of times a week for a couple of months is enough to start feeling improvements. It’s not really clear how yoga works to reduce these symptoms of anxiety. But yoga does emphasize the importance of being present in the moment while finding a feeling of peace. And these concepts certainly could help deal with anxiety symptoms.

Reduced Inflammation

Yoga is well known for helping improve mental health. Still, studies suggest yoga may have the physical effect of reducing inflammation, too. The normal immune response of inflammation is healthy. But chronic inflammation contributes to pro-inflammatory diseases, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Research is ongoing to confirm the health benefits of yoga on inflammation. Still, there is already evidence that yoga helps protect against diseases caused by chronic inflammation.

Improved Heart Health

Heart health is critical for overall well-being. The health benefits of yoga extend to helping improve heart health and reducing risk factors for heart disease. Yoga often helps participants reduce their blood pressure and pulse rate, both important risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. And generally, the health benefits of yoga seem to slow the progression of heart disease. Again, it is unclear what role yoga plays, but minimizing stress as a major contributor to heart disease certainly makes sense.

Improved Quality of Life

Yoga is becoming more popular in combination with other therapy to help improve the quality of life for many people. Studies show that yoga seems to lead to greater contentment and happiness. Breast cancer patients find that yoga reduces nausea and vomiting while they undergo chemotherapy while improving their overall quality of life. Similarly, the health benefits of yoga extend to reducing pain and fatigue, creating higher levels of acceptance and relaxation in cancer patients. Research shows yoga helps the quality of sleep, spiritual well-being, and social function, too.

Fighting Depression with Yoga

It appears that yoga has an anti-depressant effect, helping decrease symptoms of depression for some people. Perhaps it is the lowered levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that influences serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter most associated with depression. One of the health benefits of yoga includes helping fight depression alone or in combination with other methods of treatment.

Reducing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has a range of causes, from injuries to arthritis. Current research demonstrates that practicing yoga may help reduce several different types of chronic pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome patients in one study found yoga for eight weeks was more effective in reducing pain and improve grip strength than wrist splinting. Another study showed yoga can decrease pain and improve function for patients with osteoarthritis in their knees. Of course, more research is needed to define all the health benefits of yoga. Still, it seems to be beneficial to add yoga to your daily routine if you suffer from chronic pain.

Better Quality Sleep

Not getting a good night’s sleep is linked to many health problems. But mostly, there is just nothing as nice as waking up from a restful night. Another of the health benefits of yoga includes getting a better night’s sleep. Fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and feel more well-rested in the morning when you do some yoga! Again, although exactly how yoga works is not clear. But yoga does increase the secretion levels of melatonin, a hormone you need to regulate your sleep and wakefulness.

Improved Balance and Flexibility

One of the most famous reasons people take up yoga, improved balance and flexibility, has been well researched. Even in healthy, young athletes, yoga can significantly increase balance and flexibility in just a couple of months. The results are even more outstanding for older people who are not in top shape already. And it doesn’t take a lot of time. Just 15 minutes to a half-hour of yoga every day makes a huge difference to balance and flexibility. 

In Summary

Multiple studies confirm the many mental and physical health benefits of yoga. Incorporating yoga into your daily or weekly routine helps enhance your health, increase flexibility, and increase your quality of life. Check out the TECHFIT EXERCISE fitness/yoga mattress here at Ideal for yoga exercises at home or in the studio.