Service & Repairs

We’ve got a couple of free hands.

If your scooter or bike wants to take an extended (or permanent) leave of absence, let us fix it for you.

If you’re not covered by our warranty, all you’ll have to pay are the necessary pieces to fix your ride and the delivery. The diagnosis and the workmanship are free.

Eazyro will ensure that you can ride frustration free for a long period of time and with a great pair of wheels.


E-scooter service £40:

Full safety check


Brakes adjusted and/or set up


Steering column adjusted


Electrical contacts cleaned


Battery health check


Full battery charge (turnaround time allowing)


Firmware updated (where possible)

Don't forget to ask for puncture protection fluid! £10 per tyre




Bike and e-bike inner tube replacement 

From £5

Brompton inner tube replacement 


Hub gear inner tube replacement


Puncture prevention fluid installation (includes fluid)

£10 per tyre

Wheel true

£15 + £1 per replacement spoke

Wheel build


Hub service


Front wheel fitting


Rear wheel fitting


Bottom bracket replacement


Headset replacement


Brake service (cable and pad replacement only) 


Brake caliper fitting (cabled brake) 


Gear service (cable replacement and adjustment only) 


Derailleur replacement and setup 


Chain replacement (does not drive train adjustment)


Cassette replacement (does not drivetrain adjustment) 


Accessory fitting (e.g. lights)

From £6

Bar tape replacement


Full mudguard fitting 


Pannier rack fitting 


*Prices do not include cost of physical parts/components unless stated